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How to Replace Your ATV Air Filter

How to Replace Your ATV Air Filter

As any all-terrain vehicle owner knows, proper maintenance routines ensure a well-running machine you can count on. When you skip out on the important basics of vehicle care, you leave your ATV vulnerable to permanent and costly damage. One of the biggest things to stay on top of is maintaining the air filter. The air filter is important because it keeps the engine clean while collecting dust, dirt, and other particles, and preventing them from getting into the more sensitive systems of your vehicle. Replacing the air filter should be a regular part of your routine. Here are a few things you need to know on how to replace your ATV air filter.

Know the Signs

When it comes to knowing the signs of when to replace a filter, a routine maintenance schedule is key. Since most owners only look at the air filter when performing routine tasks like checking the oil or coolant levels, it is important to have a regular schedule and stick to it. A common sign of a dirty air filter is a loss of horsepower. If you are riding and notice a loss of horsepower, it is most likely due to a dirty or broken air filter. Other than that obvious sign of trouble, the other way to tell is to simply look at the condition of the air filter. Is it dirty beyond what will come out in a simple soak and rinse job? Are there tears or holes in the filter or has the filter separated from the frame it's on? These are clear signs that you need to replace your air filter as soon as possible.

How to Replace Your ATV Air Filter

  • Consult the owner's manual first and foremost. The owner's manual is the best friend of any ATV. It will tell you everything you need to know concerning how to reach the air filter which may be under the seat or at the front of the vehicle, depending on the model and design. It will also give you insight on how to properly install the air filter and care for it over time.
  • Once you have the right air filter and have removed any necessary frame sections to reach the air filter box, you are ready to get started. Start by removing the air box cover clips which are usually located on the sides of the air box. Once that is done, remove the air box cover by lifting up.
  • Next, you will remove the old filter from the air box. Since the filter is damaged or dirty beyond washing, you are free to discard it in the trash. If you have the type of filter which uses a pre-filter over the main filter, you should inspect both since you may only need to replace one part or the other rather than the whole thing. If you are only replacing one part in this scenario, make sure you thoroughly soak, rinse, and dry the pre-filter before installing it with the new filter.
  • Once you have removed the old air filter, take some time to inspect and care for the air box. This is a good time to check for any cracks or overall damages to the air box and hoses since you have everything exposed and readily accessible.
  • You should also use this time to clean the air box. You want to use a damp cloth and warm soapy water to wipe down the inside of the box, removing any oil buildup or debris. Next, take a dry towel and wipe the interior of the air box until it is completely dry.
  • The next step in how to replace your ATV air filter is to oil the new filter. To perform this task, one of the easiest methods is to place the filter in a large Ziploc bag with the desired oil and shake it until the filter is thoroughly soaked. This is one of the cleaner methods and also helps prevent wasting oil. Once the filter is soaked in oil, remove it and wipe off any excess on the frame.
  • Finally, place the filter back in the air box. Make sure you take care not to drip oil all over the place and clean up any messes. When replacing the air box lid, make sure it is secure and tight to avoid any issues. You should also make sure the air box clips are properly secured before replacing any frame parts.
  • Make sure you check it and clean it! Installing a new air filter in your ATV is a great way to maintain proper performance, but the best way to make the filter last is to regularly clean it. It is a good idea to check the air filter often and clean it to ensure longevity.

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