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AR1 Adult Boots AR1 Adult Boots AR1 Adult Boots AR1 Adult Boots AR1 Adult Boots
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AR1 Adult Boots


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AR1 Adult Boots


Product Description

The answer AR1 boot represents a new idea in motocross boots. Inexpensive boots have been around for a long time and no brand had ever really tried to make them good. The ar1 boot is better than good, it offers you far more than is offered by any other boot in its price range. Using just the right combination of synthetics, plastic and high performance textiles weve created an upper that is light, durable and protective. We coupled that to a four layer sole system that we stitched on for a foolproof and long lifespan that is easy to re-sole when the time comes.

Four easy-adjust steel/plastic buckles (adult)

Buckles are replaceable

Injection molded plastic shin guard plate

Injection molded rear plate helps protect leg bones

Articulated rear ankle area aids movement

Steel shank system adds support while riding

Uni-directional cut sole specifically for motocross

Thick ankle padding covered in vented material for air movement

Foot bed forefoot holes add air flow and breathability

Weighs 3.65 lbs. Each (1655 grams) size 10